Bobbi Jane Tucker

Prescott Arizona

Professional Photographer

Over 25 Years Behind The Camera 

Colorado Institute of Art, Photography


I have been surrounded by both photography and the western life since childhood. I was born in Kansas but raised in the rural part of Tucson, Arizona.  I grew up when kids played outside and all our games were made from our imaginations! I loved taking photos as a kid making “pretend” film with paper and putting in my Mom’s Kodak camera when there wasn’t any film. My dogs were my models. My junior year in high school, I dropped out of Algebra II to take Photography. And the rest is truly western history! After high school I attended Colorado Institute of Art majoring in Photography. Those were still the “film” days and finding a job in a photography related field was slim. 


Nearly 20 years later after a career path in sales and marketing, I launched my own photography business. Way Out West Photography (Est. 2000). I consider my photography style to be “photojournalism” capturing the moment, subject and light as is.


I currently live in Prescott, Arizona.  I have been photographing weddings, people, businesses and events in Prescott since 2008. In the past couple years it's been very competitive for weddings and events.  I now focus on family storytelling portraits and senior portraits.  


I'm engaging and funny which helps to make every shoot stress free and relaxed. I do not shoot "gallery style" photos that are posed and professionally lit. I take photos of people in real life with natural light and showing emotions that make you want to smile. Family Storytelling sessions are about capturing genuine, emotional images of families through meaningful documentary-style portraits that will show your family’s love, emotions and laughs.


Marketing Artist:  With my marketing & sales background I have expanded my services to include consulting for businesses.  I enjoy working with local businesses to capture their unique images to use for websites and other forms of marketing. I offer website design that include photography portfolios of the business.


I am still the kid with a camera!  So I now live in the Mountains in Prescott. Photography is my passion and part of who I am.  I now have a Nikon that doesn't need film.  Crazy how the times change but really stay the same. 


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