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Gold Nugget Speakeasy

Hidden Speakeasy under building in downtown Prescott

These photos were taken on November 1, 2011 by Bobbi Jane Tucker. The building above it housing Moore's Laundry has since been condemned and access is no longer available to the Speakeasy. It’s still there and if the lot/building is ever purchased, hopefully it will be preserved.

Bobbi has re-edited the photos and post a new series January 2016. (First 30 photos in the gallery) The original series of photos are still posted as they are cataloged on Google and other links.

Visitors to the speakeasy had to raise a plank door from the floor to walk down the dark stairs to the speakeasy.

Fools gold is embedded in blue-painted cement at prominent points throughout the ceilings and pine support beams. The builders even added mushroom-like cave formations with the pyrite in the cement above the long bar.

A large photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt still hangs on the wall, framed in pine and pyrite. Above the photo are the words "Just a real good man." No wonder the speakeasy patrons liked Roosevelt, since he campaigned against alcohol prohibition and repealed the 13-year-old law when he took office in 1933. That's likely the year the speakeasy closed.

From a room that looks like an office, stairs lead up to a blocked door at ground level.
A 30-foot tunnel ends in a newer concrete-block wall, leading visitors to ponder if it's the only remaining proof of the fabled tunnels under downtown Prescott. It appears to head toward the Mile High Middle School field where Chinese families once lived.

Photos featured in book:
Underground Prescott: A Historical Review of the Stories About Catacombs, Tunnels, Speakeasys, Opium Dens and Bordellos in Early Prescott, Arizona
by Patricia Ireland-Williams

NEW 2018: A mystery novel by Connie Beckett, "Song of Grace" is about a freelance writer who discovered a mummified body in an underground Prescott speakeasy. The book was written by Connie based on her research while in Prescott and discovering this photo gallery of the Gold Nugget Speakeasy!

Video By Norman Fisk

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